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Three minutes in the public oven

Posted in Daily Life, Work with tags , , , on December 20, 2007 by Sarah Kate Kramer

Traditional Moroccan homes do not have individual ovens, instead, for centuries people have taken their kneaded dough to communal ovens that are located in each neighborhood. Nowadays many families in Fes do have their own small ovens, but most Moroccans still prefer the taste of bread looked after by the neighborhood baker. Public ovens are busy spaces–in this recording you hear the sound of bread being shoveled in and out of the fire, tossed into a pile, prices shouted out, and of course greetings as people pass through to drop off dough and buy bread.


Posted in Daily Life, Street Sounds, Work with tags , , , , on December 16, 2007 by Sarah Kate Kramer

Morocco is a place where you can be buy things cheap, fresh, and close to home. The man here is riding a bike through a residential neighborhood and selling fresh sardines from a crate. He repeats the words, “Hoot, Dines” (Fish-Sardines) over and over as he pedals slowly waiting for someone to come outside and buy a kilo or two for lunch.

Kids Playing Parachute with Plastic Bags

Posted in Daily Life, Street Sounds with tags , , , , on December 10, 2007 by Sarah Kate Kramer

In an inner courtyard in the medina, four boys have tied toy figures to black plastic bags and are playing parachute.