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Tetouan! Tetouan!

Posted in People, sports on June 17, 2012 by SA

You may have heard about the city of  Tetouan’s football (soccer) team beating Rabat for the Moroccan National title.

Well, we just happened to be in Tetouan the day of the game.  What you hear in this tape is cheering  for the team that turns into elation as the clock winds down on Tetouan’s 1-0 win.

The streets were filled for hours and hours with celebration.

Salawat on the Prophet (asking God to Bless the Prophet Muhammad)

Posted in Music, People, Religion with tags on August 28, 2008 by Sarah Kate Kramer

Walking home on a Wednesday night in Rabat we heard from a few blocks away the sound of a party (assumed to be either a wedding or a baby naming ceremony). A group of men are singing amdah, religious songs praising the qualities of the Prophet Muhammad and asking God to bless him. The sound is coming from an apartment building where several apartments are being used to house the party guests. This clip was taped on the sidewalk outside the building.

Dayf Ullah

Posted in People, Religion with tags on August 28, 2008 by Sarah Kate Kramer

Bab Bou Jelloud, is a popular starting point for groups touring the medina (old city) of Fes. One Saturday morning a group of about 50 Moroccan women entered the gate carrying small drums and singing a traditional Moroccan song “Dayf Ullah” which means “God’s guest” and is a term used to describe someone who shows up surprisingly or uninvited – you would still accept them and welcome them because God sent them to you. At the end of the sound clip you will hear the tour guide with a bull horn trying to get the women’s attention and explaining to them where they are at in the medina.

May Day Protest in Rabat

Posted in People, Work with tags on June 8, 2008 by Sarah Kate Kramer

Workers protest unemployment, wages, and government policies on International Labor Day. “Lhokuma maghrebia: zero!” (trans: the Moroccan government: Zero!)

Dhar Mahraz Student Protest

Posted in People, Street Sounds with tags on April 23, 2008 by Sarah Kate Kramer

Night time protest of students from the Dhar Mahraz University in the Lidu neighborhood of Fes. The protesters want an increase in student stipends. They raise complaints about the level of luxury some of the administration is living in, while they struggle to subsist on their educational stipends.

Moroccan soccer (football) fans

Posted in People with tags , on March 20, 2008 by Sarah Kate Kramer

People are passionate about soccer in Morocco, they play in fields, on city streets, on the beach, with professional balls or with makeshift things like cans. Coffee shops have a game on the television most nights of the week, and all the chairs are faced towards the television. Taxi drivers deck out their cabs with emblems of Spanish teams–usually Real Madrid or FC Barcelona. People support the Moroccan national team, but admit that the best Moroccan players get swept off to play for Europe. There is also soccer on the local level, and young kids root for their cities and towns. Here is an audio clip of people drumming at a game in the south of Morocco, and a video of a swarm of kids from Fes riding back on the train after beating their perennial rival, Meknes.