Moroccan soccer (football) fans

People are passionate about soccer in Morocco, they play in fields, on city streets, on the beach, with professional balls or with makeshift things like cans. Coffee shops have a game on the television most nights of the week, and all the chairs are faced towards the television. Taxi drivers deck out their cabs with emblems of Spanish teams–usually Real Madrid or FC Barcelona. People support the Moroccan national team, but admit that the best Moroccan players get swept off to play for Europe. There is also soccer on the local level, and young kids root for their cities and towns. Here is an audio clip of people drumming at a game in the south of Morocco, and a video of a swarm of kids from Fes riding back on the train after beating their perennial rival, Meknes.

5 Responses to “Moroccan soccer (football) fans”

  1. Abdelmalek Melaiki Says:

    I am one of those people, i love the Moroccan team, and i sopport them wherever they go. We are ” Moroccan” passionate about soccer. Yalah Morocco

  2. Abdelmalek Melaiki Says:

    i agree that we are Moroccan we love our soccer team, and we support them wherever they go. i don’t know a lot about Fes tem, but i do know about casablanca team “Widad”. i love this team, and i support all of them. Dima Maroc.

  3. Real Madrid…

    Muy buen post!…

  4. annonce maroc…

    […]Moroccan soccer (football) fans « radio fes[…]…

  5. weultras…

    […]Moroccan soccer (football) fans « radio fes[…]…

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