Three minutes in the public oven

Traditional Moroccan homes do not have individual ovens, instead, for centuries people have taken their kneaded dough to communal ovens that are located in each neighborhood. Nowadays many families in Fes do have their own small ovens, but most Moroccans still prefer the taste of bread looked after by the neighborhood baker. Public ovens are busy spaces–in this recording you hear the sound of bread being shoveled in and out of the fire, tossed into a pile, prices shouted out, and of course greetings as people pass through to drop off dough and buy bread.

3 Responses to “Three minutes in the public oven”

  1. I used to bring our own bread there every day.Thank for the real pictur and sound of what we call AL FARRAAN .

  2. I used to bring our bread every day there.Thank you for the real pictures and sound of what we call in Fes Al FARRAAN .

  3. LAMIAE NAKI Says:

    you make me feel homesick…..I used to live part of my life with my grandmother in the old medina of Fes and I still remember myself going to l ferran and bringing home bread of the day.

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