Walk in Fes Jdid

fes-jdid.jpgA walk down the main thoroughfare in Fes Jdid, from Bab al-Makina all the way to Bab Semarrine. It is filled with merchants selling food, clothing, rugs, scarfs, toiletries, shoes, upholstery fabric,- you name it. In this recording you hear a cacophony of people yelling out prices, people greeting each other, shop music, and bits of conversations.

2 Responses to “Walk in Fes Jdid”

  1. je remercie cet personne celui qui a pris ces fotos; s’il peut m’envoyer ton msn merci bcp

  2. morocco tour…

    […]Walk in Fes Jdid « radio fes[…]…

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